Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Computer World

When we look at Computer World find lots of things fulfilling our curiosity. The word Computer itself is full of surprise. It has been used to refer to a person since 1613, to a machine since 1869 and to an electronic device since 1946. Now a days when you do copy and paste in a document, you are using the work that earlier typesetters used for generations, where they do this process through scissors and glue. The word file comes from a Latin for a string or a thread. Earlier files (documents, bills or whatever) were hung up on a string like a washing line, perhaps, to keep them in order.
There is much more of curiosities will come in further blogs....

Amit Saxena
HOD (Computer Department)

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Break the Bricks

Press the Spacebar to Start & Use Left-Right Arrow Keys to Play.

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This Game is Developed by me as a part of Oracle Greenfoot Project.
Hope you will like this game, Thanks.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Mouse Movement

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Flying Club Game by Ajanta Bhattacharya


1. Use UP key to control your Balloon.
2. Avoid hitting the Clouds. 
3. Score 40 to qualify for Second Level.

• Hitting Blimps will reduce health of your plane.
• Watchout for blimps hidden in the clouds.
• Hit clouds to gain points.
• Maintain Health to gain higher Score. 

Score above 90 to become TOP GUN

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My game is based on flight training. It is a fun single player game that has two levels. In my game I have two flying objects, Balloon(level1) and a  Plane(Level2). Controlling these objects is really simple. Players need to use only UP arrow key to boost the flying objects. When key is not pressed the objects free fall in a parabolic motion. The game will help students to apply principles of gravity and parabolic motion. 

Here some screen shorts are attached . Follow the instruction below to play the game:

Screenshot 1: Level 1 (Start)
This is the starting screen to the game. Level 1  is the  qualifying  round. Game playing instructions are displayed here. Clicking on the run button will start the game.

Screenshot 2: Gameplay
Avoiding collision with the clouds will increase the points. There are two counters that show points for avoiding clouds and total flight distance respectively.

Screenshot 3: Game Over
When  object hits the top or bottom edge or a cloud, a game over message is displayed. If points are Less than 40 player will receive a badge depending upon the score. The game offeres the player different badges according to the distance flown. To replay this level press reset and run.

Screenshot 4: Level Up
When players achieve 40 points in level 1 they move to level 2. At this stage instructions are displayed on the screen for playing level 2.  Pressing space bar will start the level 2.

Screen 5: Gameplay (Level 2)
The level 2 object is a plane that has a health counter beginning at 100%. Hitting small clouds adds points and colliding with blimps reduce health. Loosing health means the plane's limit to fly is also reduced.

Screen 6: Badges and Game Over
Like in Level 1 this level also has a series of progressive badges depending on points scored.
Deadstick < Rookie < Maverick < Ace < Topgun
At game over, you can replay the level by pressing spacebar. Resetting the game will take you back to Level 1

Screen 7: Top Score

The Top gun badge is earned when the player scores above 90. The player has to maintain the plane's health above 90% for achieving this badge.